Motherhood, My Highlight Reel

Goofing it up before the 2017 Oklahoma City Listen To Your Mother Show. Photo by Sheradee Hurst Photography

Two weeks ago today, I celebrated Mother’s Day a little early. I had the honor of being a cast member of the Listen To Your Mother Show in Oklahoma City. Despite the cold and rainy weather, it was a beautiful day of celebration. I shared the stage with some of the most courageous and dedicated mothers I’ve ever known. Their stories represented every aspect of motherhood and the audience celebrated their resiliency, with laughs and tears. I’m posting my piece today – it’s a love letter to my kids, with a well-deserved nod to their sweet step-mom. I was so proud to have my family with me on that day and I’ll never forget it! Continue reading “Motherhood, My Highlight Reel”

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My Favorite Kind of Love

I’ve been chosen as a cast member for the 2017 Listen To Your Mother Show in Oklahoma City. I’d be a big, fat liar if I said I’m anything but thrilled and honored by this opportunity. The show is a live reading of essays written about the journey of Motherhood. As I reminisce about my experiences as a Momma, I’m also re-working blog posts from my old site onto my new. It’s no surprise that many of my favorites tell the story of memories with my children, Rachel and Seth. I’ve retitled this one, My Favorite Kind of Love.

Rachel with backpack and her Mommy with 80’s hair at her 3rd birthday party.

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Monarch Joy

Springtime is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year. My yard is blessed with remnants of gardeners past. Their roses stretch toward the top of the fence outside my kitchen window, greeting me with ruby smiles, as I pour my coffee each morning. More importantly, there are butterflies.

Photo courtesy of the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

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OKRoserock Lives!

Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you found your way over to my new site. I’m even more glad and honestly tickled to death, that I could move my blog content from Google…I did it myself! I love a fresh start. I just keep clicking buttons until it works. As my friend Mari would say, “it’s part of my brand.”

            Oklahoma Rose Rock Cluster

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