Mother’s Day Playlist

There’s a dinosaur theme at my job these days and the music playing for our guests today was set to a Jurassic-ish station. I wondered out loud “What would a Mother’s Day playlist sound like?”

When I got home, I put together a Mother’s Day Playlist to reflect my motherhood journey. A couple of songs are straight from Disney movie soundtracks; one is a fun song from the 90s, when we cruised in my Mustang convertible with the top down. I spent so much time driving, performing the bi-monthly drop off trip that children of divorce know so well. Sometimes I’d play my music, mostly 80s rock and 90s country and sometimes we’d listen to the kids’ music, everything from Will Smith to Eminem. When we played the game, Who Sings This Song, they beat me every time. One of my fondest memories as a grandparent is riding in the car, with my daughter Rachel and my grandkids, Presleigh and Cash, coasting under the twinkle lights of a small Oklahoma town and singing “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” at the top of our lungs.

Cash and Presleigh by Jennifer Dubler Photography

I shared the playlist with my kids tonight and invited them to suggest tunes I should add to the lineup. I wonder what songs remind them of me?

My favorite people on the planet call me Momma and Nana.

Welcome (back) to my blog!

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Red-Spotted Admiral butterfly

Love, Rose Marie B