Zero To Sixty

“What you’re not changing, you’re choosing.”


You know those quotes you read as you’re doom scrolling on social media? I saw a version of the quote above a couple of weeks ago and it shook me. I haven’t cited the quote because in this era of over-sharing, there’s no telling who said it first. But I do know that it spoke to me, it screamed at me from my Twitter feed, so loudly I haven’t been able to shake it.

When I came back to my blog several months ago, I created a page titled “Zero to Sixty” and planned to document the renaissance of Rose from now until my 60th birthday, next year. And then…crickets.

Today, I’m taking intentional steps to improve my health and that includes mental health. I won’t be perfect on my 60th birthday, but I’ll be in a more authentic place than I am now. I’m at zero in so many areas, that’s why the quote was powerful for me. Why would anyone choose to be at zero? I have for years and it’s time to do and be better.

Photo by Ryan McGuire, courtesy of Pixabay

I rejoined Weight Watchers before the pandemic began and had early success with a 14 pound loss, but the other things I lost started to pile up and my pounds poured back on, like a counterbalance to my grief. Now it’s time to let creativity crowd-out my apathy and start anew.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.


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